about us

We are always attentive to you as a customer as we strive for you to be 100% satisfied.
In our fields, we are Specialized and work with these treatments every day.
The methods we work with are the leaders in its field and we are always looking for the best and latest products to get successful results.
We have satisfied customers who come from all over the country.


Trained Makeup Artist since 8 years. And has also worked with hairstyling and eyelash extensions before. Now working with the permanent makeup of eyebrow 3d, powder brow and eyeliner.

Art of makeupschool - Makeup Artist 
MedShape - Microblading (manual method)
Medical Beauty House - Micropigmentation (machine)
Liucija Penkauskiené Academy - Advanced course, Ombre technique


Trained and certified laser therapist for Q-terra Q10. Working in the studio with the removal of tattoos and pigmented lesions and skin care laser treatments.

Synos - Laser therapist


Diana is basically a trained nurse. Has also worked with eyelashextensions. Now working in the studio with permanent makeup of 3D brow, powder brow and lash marks.

MedShape - Microblading (manual method)
Tattooreligion by Alexey Khvesenya - Micropigmentation (machine)
Victoria Grepo Akademin - Advanced course, Scalppigmentation
Irina Liangus  Academy - Avancerad course, eyeliner


Sandra has worked with the Permanent makeup since 2011. On Thursdays Sandra is with us at Gedin Studio. Offers pigmentation of eyeliner, powder brows and lips. She runs her own salon CosmetInk in Eskilstuna. More information about Sandra and photos of her work can be found on her website.

SOL Pmu - Micropigmentation (machine)
SOL Pmu -  Advanced course, Brows
SOL Pmu - Advanced course, Lips