elleebana lash lift

Elleebana is an Australian brand of permanent eyelash curling that has taken the beauty market by storm. Not only do you get beautiful curved lashes. You can also feel confident that the products do not destroy the lashes (as previous products on the market) and also last longer than before. You can choose to dye the lashes under the procedure (only takes 5 minutes), so that you get a dramatic change, without the need to apply make up in the morning.

why do a lash lift?

If you lift the lashes from root, it opens up the eye, and you look more alert. Lash Lift is a very good alternative to eyelash extensions.

how does it work?

The lashes are attached gently around a rubber pad located on top of your eyelids while you close your eyes. Then applied two liquids in installments that make your lashes become permanently bent. If you choose to dye eyelashes, this is done at once after.


The first 24 hours:
Do not wear mascara or use products with oil. Dont rub the lashes. Dont shower to hot or use a sauna.

how long does it last?

Durability is very individual and depends on how fast your own lashes grow and are replaced. Normally,  natural lashes has a life span of 8 weeks. The lashes are replaced and new growing there.  The durability of a lash lift is up to 12 weeks.

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