Using synthetic lashes that is glued to your own natural lashes, you can get longer, denser and darker lashes that last for up to 4 weeks.

Single technique

Eyelash Extension is a craft that requires precision, skill and sense of design. An eyelash extension takes about 2 hours for the first time, after which a touch up of the extensions are made every three weeks. This may vary and depend on the growing cycle of the own lashes.

The synthetic lashes are glued on, one and one, and separated during work so they do not glue together. Length and style are customized according to your wishes. To get a natural result we mix different thicknesses and lengths.


Same day as treatment
Avoid bending or curling your lashes.
Please wash the make-up before the treatment begins so we have longer time for your Lash Extension!

-Do not wet your eyes for 24 hours after treatment
-Do NOT use a Eyelash Curler on your extension
-Do NOT use waterproof mascara or mascara with oil in.
-DO NOT use makeup or skincare containing Propylene Glukol.
-Do NOT use eye makeup remover with oil in.
-Wash your lashes with mild soap every night so that any make-up and oil from the skin will disappear from your Eyelash extension. (But do not rub too much but be careful).
-Use a Lashcomb to brush your lashes from time to time.

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