Laser treatment of pigment spots

In our salon on Valhallavägen in Stockholm, we offer removal of pigment spots by laser.
We remove everything from age spots and sun spots to freckles and other pigmented spots on the face and entire body.
Our modern laser machine Q terra Q10 is the world's first twin-pulse. The advanced technology is effective but gentle on your skin, speeds up the treatment process and requires fewer treatments.
Unlike other established methods such as freezing and treatment with diode laser gives our options no scars.
Using laser pulses atomised pigment accumulation into smaller pieces. In the coming weeks are the remnants of the stain care of by the body's immune system.

Read the article that the newspaper Aftonbladet Plus made about our treatment, "Get rid of the Pigment spots".

Removal of age spots. After 1 treatment


-Age spots
-Cafe Au lait spots
-Nevus Of Ota
-Lentigo (Sunspots)
-Hormone spots


-Liver spots
-Aggressive melasma

free consultation

Pigment spots and other spots on the skin are common to both women and men of all ages. The reasons are many and leads to different kinds of stains. Prior to treatment, we offer a free consultation with one of our certified experts. Laser therapist looks at the type of pigmentsots and assess whether it is possible to treat and give a price quote.

Removal of 3 spots. After 1 treatment
Removal of 1 big spot. After 1 treatment

laser - fast and effective

With a thorough knowledge of the treatments we offer ensures good results. Often one treatment is enough, but depending on the stain type, how big is the area of ​​skin, color and depth can sometimes need up to three treatment sessions. Between each point do so, we six weeks healing.

laser stockholm


-1 week before treatment, you should not have been sunbathing or used products of Sunless Tan. Treatment is most effective without a tan!
-Do not use cream or oil on the area for 24 hours before.
-You Must also be fully healthy during treatment.
- You may not have any skin disease or eczema in the treatment area.
-Not be on anymedication making you sensitive to light, or eating blood-thinning Medicin.
-You must not be pregnant or breastfeed.
-18-Year limit

We perform non-removal closer than 2.5 cm from your eyes.


-Direct after reatment the area can be red and irritated.
-Rusks Formed in which the pigment has been but then fall off during healing (usually 1-2 weeks). You should avoid the sun at least 4 weeks after treatment
-No makeup on spots ​​1 week after treatment
-Sunbathing can make removed pigment spots coming back several years later. Therefore it is important to use sunscreen and avoid exposure to the sun in the future!

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