Want to make a great tattoo removal or bleach a tattoo on an extra gentle way? Gedin Studio offers tattoo removal with Sweden's most modern and efficient laser equipment Q terra Q10. Prices>

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♦ Modern technology
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Laser pulses penetrate the skin and down to the depth where the tattoo is located. The ink particles are shattered into tiny little pieces which are then whisked away by the immune system. The machine creates laser light of four different wavelengths that together cover the entire spectrum of tattoo colors. The laser pulses are also adapted to respond as efficiently and carefully as possible to remove the most stubborn tattoo. Since the machine only works with the color of the tattoo excludes the risk of damaged skin or tissue in a gentle way.


We always offer a performance warranty of six treatments. After the sixth moment all remaining treatments for the same tattoo is for free! (Only black and red tattoos). All to make you feel as safe as possible with your visit.

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Q-terra Q10 - latest technology

When booking a laser treatment with us, you benefit from the latest and most advanced technology for tattoo removal.
With Q-terra Q10, it is possible to remove your tattoo no matter what colors it contains.

Q terra Q10 is the fastest and most efficient machine on the market for tattoo removal today. With new technology and the world's first twin-pulse gives you a treatment that is particularly safe and cost effective. Twin-pulse means that you get the effect of 2 treatments per session, so the number of treatments is half.


1 week before the treatment:
Avoid sunbathing or using Sunless Tan products.

24 hours before the treatment:
Do not use cream or oil on the area

You may not have this under the treatment:
- Be ill
-Have any skin disease, wound, rashes or eczema in the treatment area.
-Be pregnant or breastfeeding
-Haemophilia or keloidärrbildning.keloid scars
- Eat any medicin that makes you sensitive to light, or eating blood-thinning medication.
-18-Year limit

We do not remove tattoos on eyeliner or lips.
We do not remove tattoos closer than 2.5 cm from eyes.

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tatueringsborttagning, efter 2 behandlingar


How many times does it take?

It depends on your skin color, type of ink used, age of the tattoo and what colors it contains. In many cases a tattoo disappear completely in just in 4-6 treatments, but it is very individual and can even bring more times. 3 months of healing required between each treatment.

Will there be scars?

No, the laser machine only attack the pigment and not the skin in the treatment area. But it can occur blisters after treatment, especially if you are not careful with cooling with ice at home after treatment. If blisters occur, one must be very careful that they do not break. If it breaks the skin can be damaged and in the worst cases it can become scars in the healing of these.

Does it hurt?

Yes it can unfortunately do. But this machine is also the fastest. So the pain is over in a very short time. (Please look at the video below to see how fast it is). We also cools immediately afterwards to minimize the pain. We also recommend buying Emla on pharmacist before treatment and have 2 hours before to numb 

the area.

Can you remove tattooed eyebrows?

Yes, in many cases it is possible to remove the tattooed eyebrows. But some cosmetically tattooed eyebrows contains colors / ingredients that can not be lase away. Therefore, always requires a separate consultation before the removal of eyebrows. Where testing on a small area in brows at least 2 weeks before treatment. It also needs to shave the brow hair during this treatment, but then grows back to normal. (You do not shave your brows prior consultation). We can not sculpt or correct eyebrows by using the laser. We remove the entire brow tattoos or larger parts such as tails or other small part. Whether it is a fixed price SEK 1200 per session for eyebrows

Should we think of something after treatment?

You should chill thoroughly with ice at home if the area feels warm. You should also lubricate with ointment that you get with it. And do not fiddle around with any liquid blisters. You should also avoid direct sunlight for at least 1 week after treatment. (Clothing protects). One should also avoid strenuous exercise, sauna and swimming pool with chlorinated water the first week.

Are there any side effects and how the area will look like afterwards?

You may be sore, swollen and red a few days after treatment. It can also arise liquid blisters on the skin, you have to be very careful. Bursting bubbles can damage the skin.


Want to know more about our modern equipment for tattoo removal by laser?
Here you can read more about laser removal with Q-terra Q10 and our supplier Synos.

Our equipment is CE certified for medical use with certificate 2195-MED 1,133,401th.
We employ only staff who hold education and laser certification from Synos.
We also have close contact with a nurse on our team of Synos.

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