Permanent makeup in stockholm

Our treatments for permanent makeup is a lighter version of a tattoo. It will last a couple of years before it lightens and disappears. Many who seek help from us with their eyebrows either picked them apart or are unhappy with the shape. No matter what, we always do our best to help you get beautiful eyebrows!

3d ögonbryn

different techniques

This method is called Microblading, Taffy or 3D eyebrows. With a handtool (manuel technique) small strokes are carved in the skin to simulate hair. The color we select is based on your own browhairs. If you wish to get a tattoo with a darker or lighter shade than your own, we recommend you to color them a few days before. An eyebrow tattoo in 3D will look natural and not replace makeup, but replace hair where you lack.

This is a combined technique with 3D and powder. First the 3D method is applied. Then we shade extra color into the middle of the brow, to get a fuller look. What method you want to go with is discussed with the therapist on the treatment.

We do not recommend 3D brows if you have greasy / oily skin with large pores, or want to have really thin brows.
The sustainability of permanent makeup with the manual technique is up to 3 years. But a touch up will usually take place between 1-2 years after.

Powderbrows is made with machine,  where we shade in the color to get a natural and soft result. There will be no strokes as with 3d, but more filled brows. Much like if you had them filled in with an eyebrow shadow.
This method is ideal for those who have little oilier skin where 3d is not suitable. Or for those who want a little more marked or filled brow shape.
This method can also cover an older brow tattoo. (Note: email images before treatment!).
This method is a little longer lasting than 3d. The sustainability of brow powder is about 3-5 years. Filling usually need to take place between 1-3 years depending on skin type and lifestyle.

Ombrebrows is very trendy right now in the makeup world. This is a special eyebrowlook,  were one shade it brighter in the front and top to get an even smoother appearance.
Which look you want on your powderbrows you can discuss with the therapist on the treatment. Either plain or with ombreeffect.

Are you unsure of what brow technique suits you best? Please look at the photos in our gallery. Or email us and we will help you:


The day before, take it easy with:
Alcohol and Tanning

3 hours prior to treatment you should avoid getting:
Caffeine, aspirin or threonine (alvedon can be captured)

You should not have this under treatment:
-Old tattoo from another salon  (Send photos to our email for evaluation:
-Be pregnant
-Eat any bloodthinning medicines or prescription creams in the area.
-Have wounds, rashes or eczema in the area.
-Recently made deep skincare treatment in the area (botox, laser, chemical peels etc.)
-Have a blood infectious disease, hemophilia or keloid scars
-18-Year limit


on the treatment

The treatment begins with a consultation where we talk about color and shape. Do you want to come on a separate consultation a few days before, you can book a "separat konsultation" in the booking, but this is optional.
In the treatment we measure and draw the brows as a template. We assume for facial lines (see example image) and not too long outside of these. But even after the bone structure and facial shape. We can make the thickness and shape according to your wishes. But not too; thick, thin, or too far outside what we think is the color and appearance for you.

After the template is complete, we put a topical anesthetic. The majority think it feels much like plucking eyebrows, while others feel that it hurts. It's very individual.

The same day that the tattoo is done, you can be red and swollen.
And up to one week after treatment, the eyebrows to be 40-60% darker than the final result.


After the treatment is complete, you get instructions on how to care of your tattoo, and a small jar of ointment.
You should keep the area dry for 24 hours and avoid showering or exercising.
The same day after treatment you can look a little red or swollen in the area.
Up to one week after treatment, the eyebrows will look 30-50% darker than the final result.

The first week after treatment:
Apply ointment morning and evening. You should avoid direct sunlight, protect with hat or sunglasses. Avoid moist environments, long hot showers, bath in salt water, chlorinated water, sauna, or hard training where you sweat a lot.

healed results

The end result after healing is depending on skin type, skin quality, lifestyle, aftercare, age and immune systems. Therefore we can not provide any guarantee of how it will look after healing. The tattoo is placed in the second layer of skin and not on top of the skin. At 3D brow, the lines becomes softer after healing and not as crispy and dark as first week when it is freshly made. Powderbrows becomes even softer and more natural after healing.
At greasy or oily skin, rough skin with large pores and if you are a smoker or bleed a lot during treatment (very shallow blood vessels), the lines at 3dbrows floats out and become blurred. Therefore, we recommend Powderbrows as a better alternative.
See pictures of results after healing>


Free revisit is to be made between 30-60 days,  to fill in loss of pigment from the healing process. Some skin types (if you bleed a lot, or have oily or sensitive skin) often requires a third return visit, "extra återbesök". It will then be made between 30-60 days from the last visit and costs 500 sek.

permanent makeup

annual touch up

The durability of 3D brow is up to 3 years, touch ups usually take place between 1-2 years after the first visit.
The durability of Powderbrows is 3-5 years. Touch up for Powderbrow is usually between 1-3 years depending on skintype.
How long the permanent makeup keep up is individual and depends on skin type, skin quality, immune system, age, lifestyle, maintenance etc. Alopeciaclients may need to come back for refilling within less time than normal.
See touch up rates>

We only do touch ups on tattoos made in our salon. Because different salons are working differently.
With different method, technique, experience, skill, style, patterns, colors, products, aftercare etc.
So we only do new eyebrow tattoos on enough faded ones.
We also offer tattoo removal with laser if you dont want to wait  for your old tattoo to fade away by itself.
Read more tattoo removal here->

pigments and eqipment

The pigments we use comes from high quality brands, that stays balanced and permanently for a long time. It is of course free of heavy metals, toxins, parabens and allergenic or carcinogenic substances. It is medical tested and approved on the EU market.
LI Pigments 
Phi Brows

We always use sterile and disposable needles in our treatments

kosmetisk tatuering


Our staff is trained and certified therapists certified by industry organizations SEYF and SAHM.

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We are affiliated with the Stockholm Läns Landsting and accept vouchers with grants for hair replacement. For exampel Alopecia. You take your voucher to us when you arrive at your treatment. We will deduct your contribution on the overall amount for the treatment. More information: Hårersättning

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