Permanent makeup - lips

If you have uneven lip edges or bad color in the lips? Then this could be the treatment for you.

We first fill in the lipline to select your own lip contour and make the lips more symmetrical. After that you can select to have a soft shaded look or a more filled in look.
The durability is about 3-5 years. Tpuch up to maintain the color usually need to be within 2-3 years after treatment.
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lipline + soft shading, freshly made
Lipline + soft shading - After 4 years!
Filled in lips - freshly made and after healing


Return visits should be made between 30-60 days to fill the loss of pigment from the healing process. This is included in the price of the treatment. At lip treatment, the color will brighten 40-60% after healing.


The day before, take it easy with:
Alcohol and Tanning

3 hours prior to treatment you should avoid getting:
Caffeine, aspirin or threonine (alvedon can be captured)

You should not have this under treatment:
-Old tattoo from another salon  (Send photos to our email for evaluation:
-Be pregnant
-Eat any bloodthinning medicines or prescription creams in the area.
-Have wounds, rashes or eczema in the area.
- Recently made any deep skincare treatment in the area (filler, laser, chemical peels etc.)
-Have a blood infectious disease, hemophilia or keloid scars
-18-Year limit


After processing is complete, you are instructed on how to take care of your tattoo and a small jar of ointment.

1-5 days after treatment, the lips can be swollen. And up to one week after treatment the lips will be darker than the final result.

During the first week after treatment:
Apply the ointment morning and night or when it feels dry. You should avoid direct sunlight. Also avoid long baths in salt water, chlorinated water and sauna.

lipline + soft shading, freshly made
Sandra Edlund
Sandra Edlund

Pigment and eqipment

The pigment used comes from the brand Amiea (Germany) and is medically tested and approved. We only use disposable needles during treatment.

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